What are the Benefits of Wearing Chandi ka Kada (Pure Silver Bangle)?

What are the Benefits of Wearing Chandi ka Kada (Pure Silver Bangle)?

Q1) What are the Benefits of Wearing Chandi ka Kada (Pure Silver Bangle)?

Ans) There are many benefits of wearing Pure Chandi ka Kada. Wearing a silver kada on their hands helps reduce anger and makes a person cooler and Calmer, It also helps the person with financial prosperity, increases positive energy of a person, alleviation of planetary doshas, and lot of other benefits like-

1) Wearing a Silver Kada helps in the Alleviation of Planetary Doshas:

Wearing a Chandi ka Kada on the hands helps mitigate doshas associated with the planets Venus and Moon. If your horoscope indicates the presence of these doshas, wearing a Pure silver Bangle is recommended by many Pandits and Astrologists.

2) Silver Bangle Kada leads to Blessings from Goddess Lakshmi:

Chandi ka Kada is believed to invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, ensuring financial prosperity in the household. It is believed that Even in adverse circumstances, one does not face a lack of wealth.

3) Wearing Kada helps in reducing anger and increases Mental Peace:

Silver provides a cooling effect, and its association with the Moon makes it conducive to mental peace and concentration. It is believed that Wearing a silver Kada is recommended for those prone to anger issues.

4) Enhancement of Positive Energy by wearing Chandi ka Kada:

According to Jyotish Shastra, silver is considered a metal that enhances positive energy of a person. Wearing a 999 Pure Silver Bangle fosters a positive mindset and dispels negative thoughts.

5) Silver Bangle is a Remedy for Weakened Moon:

If the Moon is weak in your horoscope, it is believed that wearing Chandi ka Bejod Kada is suggested as a remedy. Additionally, wearing it on a Friday associated with Venus is considered auspicious for optimal results.

6) Chandi ka Kada helps in improving Cognitive Function:

According to scriptures, the use of silver is believed to accelerate brain function, enhancing cognitive abilities and mental sharpness that leads to increased Self-esteem of the Person.

7) Improvement in Fashion Sense by wearing Silver Kada:

Wearing a Silver Kada makes your outfit cooler and makes your fashion Unique. It goes with all kinds of clothes. It's like adding a special unique touch to your look. Every person has a different fashion style and for each comes different silver bangles. See below what are the different types of Silver Kada bangles.

However, it's important to note that the efficacy of Lal Kitab remedies, including the use of this kada, is a matter of belief and not scientifically proven.

Q2) What are the different types of Silver Kada for Men?

Ans) There are many types of Silver Kada Bangles collection like-

1) Pure Silver Jointless Bangles-

These are Silver Bangles made with the process of Casting having no joints in it and are used for Red Book Remedies and Astrology. These Bangles are made with 999 Pure Silver Bangles. This Silver Jointless Bangles is also known as Chandi ka Bejod Kada or Casting Kada. This can be worn by men as well as women, Children as well as an adult, and can be made in different sizes. To make this Silver Bangle you have to give a proper size of yours.

Plain Silver Jointless Bangle- Chandi ka Bejod kada by Karizma Jewels

2) Sikh Kada Bangles-

These are Heavy-weight Silver Kada on which you can have your personalised name. This Silver Sikh Kada is made with 925 Silver. This Kada is mostly worn by Men as these are heavy-weight. Mostly Sikhs wear this kada by writing Waheguru on it. You can have this Customized Name Bangle for your own as well as gift to someone else by writing Any Name on it.
Sikh Kada in 925 Silver for Men by Karizma Jewels

3) Pure Silver Jointless Pipe Bangle:

These are Silver Jointless Bangles made in the form of Solid Round Silver Pipe. It is a Jointless Kada and made with pure 999 Silver. This is made Solid from the inside. Both women and men can wear this Kada. 
Solid Silver Jointless Kada in pipe form made with 999 pure silver

4) Open Cuff Silver Solid Bangle:

This is an Open cuff Silver Bangle with 2 faces. This is made with solid silver pipe with open ends. This Kada is customized and made on order depending upon the size of the Individual. 

Open Cuff Bangle in Pure Silver By Karizma jewels

5) Designer 925 Sterling Silver Bangles for men:

These are 925 silver kada bangles for men having different carving designs on them. This bangle comes with a Beautiful clean Finish as these are machine-made. There are many Unique designs of this designer heavy bangle available in Stock.

925 silver Men's bangle kada with carving on it              Sterling Silver Men's designer bangle made with carving on it

Q3) On Which day to wear the Chandi Ka Kada?

Ans) In Hinduism, there isn't a specific day designated for wearing a silver Kada. The choice of wearing this Kada depends upon the Individual, but many Pandits recommend wearing Chandi ka Kada on Monday and Friday. Mondays are revered for Lord Shiva, and Fridays are dedicated to Mahalakshmi,  Annapuraneshwari, and Durga and devoted to Goddess worship. That's why these days are considered Auspicious to wear silver for various blessings, making them popular choices among Hindus.

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