What is Silver Powder (Chandi ka Burada)? Uses and Benefits.

What is Silver Powder (Chandi ka Burada)? Uses and Benefits.

Q1) What is Silver Powder (Chandi ka Burada)?

Ans) Silver powder also termed as (Chandi ka Burada) refers to tiny particles of fine silver in powdery form. This powder is made up of many tiny pure silver particles, much smaller than a grain of sand. This Chandi ka Burada is made from 999 pure silver. 

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Q2) What are the benefits of Silver Powder (Chandi ka Burada) according to Astrology and Lal Kitab?

Ans) Here are some commonly believed benefits associated with Chandi ka Burada in Lal Kitab:

1) Positive Energy: Chandi ka Burada is believed to possess positive energy, and applying it or using it in remedies is thought to attract positive vibrations and energies.

2) Planetary Harmony: Lal Kitab remedies often aim to balance and harmonize the influence of planets. Chandi ka Burada is also used as a remedy to mitigate the negative effects of harmful planets in one's astrological chart.

3) Health and Well-being: Some practitioners of Lal Kitab suggest the use of Chandi ka Burada for health-related issues. It is believed to have properties that can promote well-being and alleviate certain health problems.

4) Financial Prosperity: Chandi ka Burada is sometimes associated with attracting financial prosperity. It is believed to have the potential to improve one's financial situation and bring stability.

5) Protection: In Lal Kitab, silver is considered a protective metal. Chandi ka Burada may be used as a protective measure against negative influences and energies. 

6) Influencing People: According to Lal Kitab beliefs, the act of dispersing or spreading this Silver powder in someone's path is thought to have the potential to sway their opinions in your favor and encourage positive communication.

However, it's important to note that the efficacy of Lal Kitab remedies, including the use of Chandi ka Burada, is a matter of belief and not scientifically proven.

Q3) How to use Silver Powder?

Ans) In Lal Kitab and various astrological practices, the placement of Chandi ka Burada is often guided by specific recommendations based on an individual's birth chart or astrological situation. However, here are some general suggestions on where Chandi ka Burada can be kept:

1) Applying on the Body: In some cases, Chandi ka Burada may be applied to specific body parts. The recommendation might be to apply it on the forehead, neck, wrists, or other areas. Again, this can vary based on individual astrological assessments.

2) Keeping in a Sacred Space: Some individuals may choose to keep Chandi ka Burada in a sacred or prayer space. This could be an altar or a dedicated area in your home where you perform spiritual practices.

3) Mixing with Other Substances: Chandi ka Burada might be mixed with other substances or materials as part of a remedy. This mixture could then be placed in a specific location, worn, or used in rituals.

4) Carrying in a Pouch or Locket: Another common practice is to carry Silver Burada in a small pouch or locket. This allows you to keep it with you throughout the day.

There are some other ways also in which you can use Chandi ka Burada based upon the guidance of the Pandit or any other spiritual Guru, according to your Birth Chart and Astrological Situation.

Q4) What is the estimated weight of Chandi ka Burada to buy for Lal Kitab remedy?

Ans) According to Lal Kitab the estimated weight of Silver Powder (Chandi ka Bura) should be around 4 Grams.

Q5)  Where to Buy Chandi ka Burada online?

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