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Pure Silver Elephant Lucky Gajraj chandi ka Hathy Lal kitab remedy

Pure Silver Elephant Lucky Gajraj chandi ka Hathy Lal kitab remedy

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Metal: Pure 999 Silver , This Elephant is solid from inside

Weight:  50, 60,100,120 Grams

Dimensions: L - 39mm  X B - 10.5mm X H -27.2mm

Shape: Elephant with engraving design 

This Pure Silver Elephant represents a classic Hindu lucky talisman for success and prosperity. Crafted with remarkable detail, the talisman is an invaluable piece for Lal Kitab remedies. Enjoy the benefits of this powerful symbol as you experience the blessings of Gajraj Chandi ka Hathi. It is believed that keeping a silver elephant or an elephant figurine made of silver can enhance the positive effects of Jupiter and attract prosperity, wisdom, and blessings. The elephant is considered as a sacred animal in many cultures and is often associated with Lord Ganesha, the Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles in your way to success. In astrology, a silver elephant is believed to bring positive energy and help overcome obstacles and challenges in one's life. This is silver elephant which is used for pooja. Buy this silver elephant and soak it in water to see more affects. Buy other Lal Kitab remedy items in silver from Karizma Jewels.

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